Production Services

Equipment & Services

Video is an effective way to convey your message to a targeted audience but it is important to use only the best images and sound to give your next corporate, training or marketing communication the edge.
At CSP we use the very latest in location equipment combined with experienced skilled operators to make sure we get the most from every location shoot All our location equipment and operators are available for hire on day or half day rates
Director $500 per day $350 half day.
Camera operator and equipment (audio + lights) $700 full day $400 half day
Production assistant (includes autocue) $300 per day $200 per half day.
Drone $350 full day $250 half day

Constructing the narrative

Script and storyboard development

Crafting inspiring images is only part of the story.
At CSP we work hard to ensure that when the cameras roll we've done our homework and that each scene we construct stitches seamlessly into the overall production.
We pride ourselves on producing compelling narratives that demand attention and engage audiences.
From the initial consultation we work closely with our clients to determine what the key messages are they wish to communicate.
From this information we can prepare the brief for our communications and design team to develop scripts, storyboards and production schedules.
Clients can engage these services at any level, whether it’s just needing some advice on constructing the narrative, developing a script or advice on who and what to use, we are only too happy to help out.

Creating the magic

Post production services

The make or break of any video is in the post production, this is where the real magic happens.
At CSP we utilise the world’s best production and design services.
When it comes to making those all-important edit decisions we work one on one with our clients to make sure the production runs smoothly and more importantly stays on message.
Once the rough cut has been finalized it’s time to bring to life the images and create the design and effects that will make your next video production stand out from the crowd.
By utilising our network of international industry professionals we are able to deliver to our clients quality cost effective post production services.
Offline editing $80 per hour
Online editing, colour correction & After Effects $120 per hour
Audio post production $80 per hour
2D graphics start from $300 per 30 seconds
3D graphics start from $600 per 30 seconds

Key elements of a successful promotional video production

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